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Dog Training Classes & Lessons

Every Tuesday 6 pm - 7 pm
Basic Obedience:

Learn basic dog cues that help manage obedience and gain a loyal bond with your dog. Basic cues will consist of sit, down, stay, touch, out, back up, place, heel, drop it, leave it...etc.
There will be 1-2 trick cues taught in every class. 

Every Monday 6 PM-7 PM
Puppy Preparedness and Play:

Normal puppy behaviors, how-tos, and tips for handling mouthiness, crate training, jumping, biting, and potty training. Fear stages and how to manage them. Introduce new and different objects to your pup like practicing walking over different objects so they become confident when encountering them in the real world. Impulse control games – tug, settle, waiting, and sharing. Healthy puppy practices like safe diets and how much exercise they need—body handling. Vital Signs and proper puppy holds. Proper dog-dog play and greetings. A few basic cues and training to start with your puppy now! 

Book a private time

For when you want to have an assessment of your dog, their behaviors, and whether they are ready for more advanced training. 

Every Wednesday6 pm-7 pm
Save your Soul:

For your reactive, fearful, or aggressive dogs. Learn how to manage and retrain your dog to live a fear-free and happy life. The class moves at your dog's learning pace. Private lessons are recommended after class if your dog is showing these behaviors at home. 


There will be a Spanish and ASL translator present at every class!!

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For those with a lower income or who demonstrate a financial need, please reach out to us directly.

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